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Essemtec Machines

Paraquda High Speed SMD Machine

Paraquda - High speed Pick & Place - New standard in SMT Technology

FLX2031 Modular SMD Pick&Place

HHighly flexible and modular SMD pick+place machine FLX2031 has 18000CPH (IPC9850) mounting speed with an extraordinary 300pcs feeder capacity.


Highly flexible and modular SMD pick+place machineFLX2021 has 12000CPH (IPC9850) mounting speed with an extraordinary high 200pcs feeder capacity.

FLX2011 Most Flexible SMD Placement System

The most popular, highly flexible pick+place machine having 310pcs feeders with output of 6000CPH

Pantera-X Flexible SMD Machine

Highly flexible SMD pick+place machine with 115 pcs high feeder capacity and 4500CPH(IPC9850) mounting speed. Available with vision for fine pitch IC and BGA placement. Ideal for small and medium enterprises.

Pantera Flexible SMD placement system

Highly flexible SMD pick+place machine with 100 pcs high feeder capacity and 4000CPH(IPC9850) mounting speed.

Manual and Semiautomatic Expert Line SMD Assembly Systems

Production of today‘s SMT boards for prototyping or small batches requires tools to ensure the highest quality standards. The EXPERT-LINE system provides you with a complete family of pick and place machines. Over 2000 systems are in daily use worldwide.

MPL3100-3200 BGA And QFP Placer

Manual/semiautomatic placer specialized for CSP, BGA and QFP placement.