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Most defects that impact yields occur

in the solder paste printing process.

You can’t optimize your process  and maintain high yields if your 

SPI technology  is unreliable or can’t ‘see’ the problems.

Koh Young Technology’s new product aSPIre 3D In-line Solder Paste Inspection System adds more value to your production. Keeping with high speed SMT lines, aSPIre system helps maximizing productivity and ensures no compromise is made between speed and accurate 100% 3D measurement capability as well as unrivalled measurement performance of <<10% Gage R&R on 01005 deposits.



Industry-leading high speed 3D measurement

at > 41 cm2/secspeed


System detects all defects including insufficient and excessive

deposits, shape deformation, missing paste, paste offset, smearing, bridging and more.


Intelligent user interface and SPC tool for process optimization


In addition

The next generation GUI and SPC package included in the system

Less than 10 min. programming for a complete inspection file

No fine tuning or inspection parameter setting necessary

Comprehensive statistical analysis tool enables accurate process feedback.

True 3D Volume Measurement

True volume of Solder Paste on PCB’s using accurate 3D Profilometry



%100 Shadow Free Measurement Based on Koh Young's Patented Technology



While conventional 3D Solder Paste Inspection is based on single sided projection, some areas of the object remain in the shadow, resulting in no measurement data from this area. While results may be repeatable, they are not accurate and reproducible, when the object is rotated. With shrinking deposit sizes, the importance of accurate measurement increases. Koh Young’s patented approach of dual projection allows for complete shadow free image acquisitionand measurement of the true volume of the paste deposited.



Koh Young’s innovative technology combines shadow free image acquisition with Moire principles, providing the most accurate results available. Only these outstanding results enable the detection of the smallest process deviation and focused process optimization


Paste Defects Detection

Paste defects detection including insufficient, excessive, missing paste, paste displacement, deformity.


Unrivalled Accuracy & Repeatability

Koh Young’s patented shadow free 3D measurement technology enables true 3D profilometric measurements of actual solder paste volume overcoming the common bottleneck of SPI systems in market. This technology is the key differentiator in achieving the unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, which enhance the system’s capability to measure true 3D volume of solder pastes.


Volume Repeatability

less than ± 1% at 3σ (on a certification target)

Volume Repeatability

less than ± 3% at 3σ (on an actual PCB)

Height Accuracy

2 at 3σ (on a certification target)

Gage R&R : much less than 10% at 6σ (± 50% tolerance) (for around 3,600 solder pastes on the real PCB’s

from the site)



True Yield Improvement Partner

With unrivalled measurement accuracy, Koh Young 3D SPI helps to improve and

maintain high manufacturing yields.


Use of 3D SPI significantly shortens any new product or process introduction. See Yield Improvement with the world’s best 3D SPI.



Easy and Intuitive Program set-up

Set-up of inspection programs through the conversion of stencil Gerber files takes less than 10 minutes No debug time after programming required.


Industry-leading Inspection Speed

Koh Young’s In-line SPI systems are capable of fast real-time 3D inspection.


Manage the Paste Printing Process Statistically

Koh Young’s SPC plus provides comprehensive and meaningful data for corrective action necessary to improve the printing process. Easy to read SPC displays allow production personnel to utilize the feedback for defect prevention strategies.



Robust Inspection against PCB warping

Koh Young’s automatic zero reference finding is dynamic around each paste deposit, in each ROI, enabling compensation of PCB warp up to ± 5mm (± 3mm in case of KY-8030 Series). With this automatic warp compensation, it is even possible to measure flexible PCBs.



Extract Solder Paste Volume only



Remote & Controlling Software

Remotely from SMT lines equipped with Koh Young’s 3D In-line SPI Systems, the managers or operators can run and stop the systems, check the screen printing defects, create and download new program files. (Optional items in case of KY-8030 Series)


Various Options available based on Production Line and Customer Needs


*High Speed Option


Our outstanding measurement performance is now combined with 100% throughput increase. The inspection speed is doubled, providing the ability to keep pace with even the most sophisticated SMT lines.This option can be ordered with the range of KY-3030 Series in-line solder paste inspection systems



*Zoom Head Option


To be ready for manufacturer’s future needs, Koh Young offers the Zoom option with user-selectable X, Y resolution to enable the highest speed of inspection for standard paste deposits and highest accuracy for the smallest deposits. The smart option changes resolution on the fly.



*Flexible Dual Lane Option


This flexible conveyor system provides dual lane operation as well as single lane seamless integration into your dual lane manufacturing lines.



*Camera Barcode Reader 1D & 2D

Reading barcodes through the system camera is the most flexible way of reading single or multiple barcodes on the top side of the PCB. Easily assignable to multi-paneled boards, it ensures complete traceability of all measurement results.


1D codes : code 39, BC412, Codebar, Code128, EAN-13, Interleaved25, Planet, Postnet,   UPC-A, UPC-E

2D codes : DataMatrix, PDF417, Maxicode, QRcode


Technical Specifications
Inspection Range    
Metrology Capability Volume, Area, Height, Offset, Bridging and Shape Deformity  
Types of Defects Insufficient/Excessive/Missing Paste, Bridging, Shape Deformity and
  Paste Offset  
Measurement Principle 3D Shadow Free Moiré  
Camera Technology    
Camera 4MPix  
XY Pixel Resolution 10/15/20 μm (Factory Setting)  
Z Resolution 0.37μm 0.015 mils  
Inspection Performance    
Inspection Speed at 20 ?m 41 cm2/sec  
Volume Repeatability (on a KY Calibration Target) < 1% at 3 σ  
Volume Repeatability (on a PCB) < 3% at 3 σ  
Height Accuracy (on a KY Calibration Target) 2 μm  
Gage R&R (± 50 tolerance) << 10 % at 6 σ on 01005 deposits  
Max. PCB Warp Compensation ± 5.0 mm  
Max. Paste Height 400 μm  
Min. Paste Deposit Size at 20 ?m Rectangle 150 μm  
Circle 200 μm  
Min. Distance between Paste Deposit 100 μm (at 150 μm paste height)  
PCB Handling    
Conveyor Width Adjustment Automatic  
Conveyor Fix Type Front/Rear Fixed (Factory Setting)  
Conveyor Height 970 ~ 870 mm (Standard)  
  930 ~ 830 mm (Factory Setting)  
Max.PCB Size 510mm x 510mm  
Min.PCB Size 50mm x 50mm  
PCB Thickness 0.4 - 5.0mm  
Max.PCB Weight 2.0 kg  
Machine Weight 600kg  
Bottom Side Clearence 30mm  
System Installation requirements    
Supply Electrical 200 ~ 240VAC, 50/60 Hz Single phase  
Air 5 Kgf/cm2  
Operating System Windows XP Professional  
Statistical Analysis Tool SPC Plus  
Inspection Program Generation Import GERBER Data (274X, 274D  
Options • Zoom Head (10, 15, 20 μm Autozoom)  
  • Off-line SPC & Defect Review Station • Flexible Dual Lane
  • Off-line Programming Station • ODB++ File Conversion
  • Barcode Reader (1D/2D) • HDD Raid 1 (Mirrored)
  • Certified Calibration Target • UPS

* The majority of SMT defects are found during the solder paste printing process.

Source: SMTA 2000 - 74% of defects in PCB manufacturing process are related to solder paste


*Screen printer defects occur randomly without a regular pattern and the defect rate of SMT will significantly decrease if real-time monitoring and maintenance of the screen printer operation are possible. This optimization of screen printing process helps SMT process engineers improve and maintain high manufacturing yields.


*With many factors and multiple variables in the paste printing process, however, it is difficult to manage and predict each succeeding interactions. Therefore, optimization without real-time and accurate management of the process is unattainable.


*With unparalleled accuracy and repeatability based on its patented shadow free 3D measurement technology, Koh Young’s 3D Solder Paste Inspection System overcomes Shadow Effect providing the most accurate results available. This enables meaningful process control with various types of statistical data and defect analysis.


*Koh Young’s 3D SPI Systems help users significantly minimize the time and effort on paste printing optimization and are the best tool for manufacturing yield improvement with its leading-edge technology. Koh Young is your ONLY true yield improvement partner.