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  • Antistatic adhesive with a conductive grid for a better shielding effect
  • Material: Conductive bi-axially oriented polypropylene packaging tape protected between two copolymer layers.
  • Thickness: 50µ
  • Peeling force: 12N
  • Tensile strength LD: 160 N/mm²; TD: 270 N/mm²
  • Elongation: LD: 160% TD 50%
  • Core diameter: 76mm
  • Length: 36m

Electrical Properties

  • Surface resistance: ≤ 1011 OhmDecay time: 0.5 seconds (from 1000V to 100V

Recommendations of use

  • Conductive grid tapes have an effective static shielding ability.
  • These tapes offer reliable protection for any sensitive devices otherwise being
    damaged by normal insulative tape.

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