Decan S2-F2-L2


The DECAN line maximizes productivity in connection with the T-Solution, an optimized software for integrated management, and introduces stable quality. Additionally Decan:

  • Provides wide part handling capability and flexible conveyor optionssuitable for various PCBs
  • Reduces production time by optimizing the motion sequence and sharing the data with other machines
  • Reinforces odd-type part recognition by applying a 3D lighting system and improving the vision algorithm
  • AssureshHigh reliability of machine operation and increased convenience of operation
    by listening to customers' requirements

The DECAN F2 next-generation high-speed universal chip mounter provides the highest productivity and mounting precision in its class. The modular conveyor allows optimal PCB flow and it is possible to convert to large board handling in the customer facility. Stage vision and tray feeder options increase flexibility.


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