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The boards finished SMD process (screen printer,smd placement and reflow)  which requires quality control components and such as printed circuit board controls traces analyzed and inspected with the help of special equipment  like  the X-ray machine and reporting of inspection. 


Especially  BGA, QFN and wounded elements which are used on the PCB's the internal structure ofboards and components, soldering quality and placement accuracy can be controlled under X-ray. In this way, on the one hand BGA's which are in quite expensive materials group, which prevented the removalcost recovery and on the other handto quickly and accurately identified the root cause of the error will be provided. 

Electronic Card Inspection and Reporting Service

In the companies which are wire bonding process of implementing quality of intermetallic connection is measured by a test in Test Bonder device. Thus, inside of the IC's which are applied wire bonding can be measured and inspected at the  beginning related  the connection quality of the wire bonding process so you can make improvements. 

Electronic Card Inspection and Reporting Service

You can do inspection and analyze with analog, digital mobile and desktop optical control devices soldering quality of the different components as various package types and very small components from different angles, placement accuracy and component structures.  

Electronic Card Inspection and Reporting Service

  1. Quick and fastly to detect errors caused by such as BGA, QFN 
  2. The defects founded in the board error or  failures causes the BGA, QFN and case of suspicion of components such as, x-ray inspection machines made towards preventing the removal of unnecessarily expensive materials. 
  3. On the expensive boardsin the BGA rework stations to be made  BGA component replacements made by controlling the process quality control in the X-RAY machines. 
  4. With test bonder device made wire bonding process control and thus making the process control integrated circuits (IC's) for early detection and correction of potential errors.