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The Gen6 C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscope is the 6th generation of Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) instruments and has the most comprehensive range of analytical capabilities, accuracy and resolution. As the follow on product to the firmly established and well known Gen5, the Gen6 has many new analysis capabilities features as well as the new, intuitive, easy-to-use Sonolytics operating platform. The Gen6 was carefully designed with the user in mind. Its ergonomic features make it comfortable and convenient to use. Its advanced applications Sonolytics™ software and new intuitive operator interface menus help maximize results, while saving operator time. Plus, its open access and illuminated tower referenced sample stage allow for easier loading and unloading of samples. The Gen6 is truly the new generation C-SAM, delivering the broadest package of technology, ergonomics, and advanced Sonoscan-developed features.

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