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Is an application that allows you to keep your machines under warranty up to 5 years. 

  1. Including spare parts after the expiry of the manufacturer's warranty is an application that enables your machine to continue the warranty period.
  2. Spare parts at warehouse will be delivered directly to the customer free of charge. 
  3. The importationand supplying of the non-stock spare parts are completely covered Sinerji- 
  4. Support services will be covered by any warranty specifications for defectswill occur on your machine will be given free of charge. 
  5. Maximumwarranty period is limited to 5 years manufacturer warranty included.  
  6. In case of planned maintenance care is not provided by us, not possible to follow the status of the machine's maintenance history and give  to guarantee. 
  7. Extended warranty service  must be taken together with the planned service. 

Labor and / or Space Parts Included Extended Warranty Service

  1. By the connectingof 0perating costs to a fixed expenses allows you to make a proper budgeting. 
  2. When you already know your fixed expenses, you can make accurate calculation of operating costs and the cost of your products, so allows you to be competitive. 
  3. Incase of incidental maintenance services provide maintenance service priorities.