New Dual Port Simultaneous Desoldering System designed for plated-through-hole component desoldering. The easy-to-grip handle allows the task to be completed quickly and comfortably. This "shop-air" hand tool, in combination with the new dual simultaneous power supply, provides unprecedented thermal performance on difficult ground planes and other high-mass applications.

Product Comprises of:

  • MX-PS5200: Power supply, 100 to 240 VAC input, dual switch port with LCD Display
  • MX-DS1: Desoldering Gun Hand-piece with one cartridge removal pad
  • MX-W5DS: Workstand for Desoldering Gun Hand-piece with one sponge and one brass pad
  • AC-CB1: Desolder Chamber Cleaning Brush
  • AC-CB2: Tube Cleaning Brush
  • MX-DCF1: Chamber Liner and Filter Pack
  • AC-TC: Desolder Tip Cleaner
  • MX-RM8E: Desoldering Cord
  • MX-DAH4: ESD Air Hose with Fitting
  • NOTE: No tip/cartridge included

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