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The revolutionary activator system in AIM's new NC273LT low temperature solder paste improves the wetting performance of bismuth alloys to RoHS compliant plating and surface finishes, while ensuring long stencil life, excellent transfer efficiencies and minimizes solder balling common to high bismuth materials.  The majority of lead-free solutions require higher processing temperatures than their lead bearing predecessors.  In some cases, these higher temperatures cannot be tolerated by other materials in the assembly. When thermal exposure during the assembly process is a limitation, NC273LT solder paste for bismuth bearing alloys is an excellent RoHS compliant replacement.  Bismuth bearing solder pastes can reduce peak reflow temperature requirements to as low as 170°C - 175°C (340°F - 350°F).  AIM's NC273LT solder paste formula with bismuth containing alloys can provide an assembler with an innovative solution when temperature sensitivity is paramount.

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