The Pilot H4 Next series automatic version represents the best solution for those wishing to fully automate the flying probe test process, eliminating the need for continuous operator presence in order to manage the test system. Thanks to its integrated SMEMA conveyor, the Pilot H4 Next series can be combined with automatic load/unload magazines or lines, executing in-circuit, functional and visual tests of electronic boards in a completely automated mode. This is the ideal solution for medium and even high volume production test needs. The large test area can accommodate 21” x 24” boards (540 x 610 mm) board with split test. The ATE rack can be expanded with up to 1032 analog channels, connectable to an optional external bed of nails test fixture (TPM).

Pilot H4 Next series automatic version is suitable for:

  • high-volume production
  • parametric and vectorless tests
  • test with powered UUT
  • boards designed for testing (access granted on one side only)
  • medium/high volume, high-mixed products
  • automatic fail sorting

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