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Inspection process is conducted on the general state of your machine(s) that you have purchased and / or you are about to buy.


It is process of your machine of assessing over by criteria below. An illustrated report on the state of the machine after the examination will be sent to you.

  1. Overview
  2. Detection of the outer cover scratches and dents assembly
  3. Ball screw  shaft, maintenance status of the region as a linear bearing
  4. The remaining aspects of the existing hardware
  5. Identifying the inoperative assemblies and axis
  6. Awarding the origin of the machine giving energy
  7. Control of the safety switches
  8. Determination of the change in the required parts list
  9. Evaluation of machine options if there are.

Secondhand Machine Expertise Service

  1. To be informed and to have information before buying a machine
  2. The opportunity to bargain according to the report results
  3. Prevention of wrong-investment
  4. To have information about the machine you will  buy whether it is appropriate for your product range