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Soldering equipment profile with the aid of solder in order to improve the quality of the product is the process of obtaining appropriate temperature curve. Applicable on the Reflow Oven - Wave Soldering - Selective Soldering equipments.  


Nowadays various soldering processes of "reflow oven, wave soldering, Vapour Phase soldering and selective soldering Soldering" The most important parameter of quality and product reliability is the process temperature profile. 

The temperature profile in the Reflow process in untreated businesses are faced with the error you see below; 

  1. Cold Solder
  2. Tombstone
  3. Solder Cracks 
  4. Voids
  5. Component Cracks
  6. Opens
  7. Solder Beadings
  8. HIP (Head In Pillow in BGA)

The root cause of this errors which is facing is often unknown. 

Temperature Profiling Service




  1. Helps to increase the quality of the soldering. Improve your product quality.
  2. Reducing reworksat least to the number of errors  caused by soldering process allows you to save the cost of materials and employee. 
  3. Reduce customer complaints from future failures by providing the reliability of products and components.
  4. Increase your productivity.
  5. Reduce your energy costs.
  6. Approved the audit by providing process control allows you to get a positive note (QS/ISO9001)
  7. Efficient, effective and quick setup installation of new products
  8. Quick and fast solution of errors comesfrom the reflow process