Your entry into the excellence class of Selective Soldering: Top quality with a compact footprint - the VERSAFLOW ONE is the new entry into the portfolio of Ersa VERSAFLOW inline selective soldering systems. The system combines proven Ersa DNA and customer-oriented option structure with high availability at extremely attractive acquisition as well as operating costs.

With the VERSAFLOW ONE, Ersa presents the new entry-level model into the world of VERSAFLOW inline selective soldering machines. The VERSAFLOW ONE incorporates the market leader´s decades of know-how in the form of proven hardware and intuitive software. Despite compact dimensions and a particularly attractive price, the user does not need to compromise on quality and throughput with this machine.


The flux system of a selective soldering machine must meet several requirements at the same time. In addition to precision and speed, high-quality fluxing processes require a high degree of reliability. The PCB areas that are not wetted by the selective soldering shafts must not be exposed to flux. State-of-the-art multidrop flux heads from industrial inkjet technology are used for this purpose. The flux is not atomized, but applied in individual small droplets specifically to previously defined areas.


The aim of the preheating process is to homogeneously heat the PCB before it is transported to the soldering module. The aim here is to provide up to 50 percent of the heat energy via infrared bright emitters so that the PCB is not shock-heated when it comes into contact with the liquid solder.

Lead-free, multilayer and high-energy selective soldering applications, as well as the drive to always operate at the most optimal cycle times, require continuous improvement in temperature performance. Especially for assemblies with high solder heat requirements, proper activation of the flux for optimal wetting of the solder joints is essential to ensure good capillarity and thus solder penetration.


Mini wave soldering uses a single solder nozzle that solder each solder joint in turn. Here, maximum flexibility in combination with highest quality is given, as the soldering parameters can be set individually for each solder joint. Like all Ersa selective soldering machines, the VERSAFLOW ONE is equipped with an electromagnetic solder pump. This offers the advantage of minimal dross due to the absence of mechanically moving parts, making the crucible extremely low maintenance. The pump ensures an extremely constant flow rate and thus provides an exact and finely adjustable solder wave height.

Intuitive User Interface.

The VERSAFLOW ONE is particularly user-friendly - the intuitive ERSASOFT 5 software stands out here. Thanks to the integrated CAD Assistant 4, the creation of soldering programs, for example, is child´s play. No complicated start-up phase means faster reaping the benefits of new efficiency. Improved heating in the cross profile has reduced the machine´s power requirement, which corresponds to an energy saving of 10%.


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