y-S330L is the upgrade version of r-S330W but with larger working area and identical quality. For continuing the past successful experience, Aurotek keeps improving their R&D progress and providing complete solutions for global customers. Two slide tables: provides a simultaneously in-and-out working space to limit the idle time which in turn reaches the utmost output value. Aurotek always pays best attention to prevent any accident during operation with immediate stop function. Therefore, we use block-out infrared sensors to reduce unnecessary risks of operation.

  • CCD image could check & simulate the path of routing to reduce unnecessary mistake before actual cutting.
  • Large working area : X:450mm, Y:520mm each table.
  • Automatic bit break detection:
    • Detect router bit status right after every cutting motion, avoid invalid operation. 
      Detect router bit life, remind the operator to change the bit or automatically change router bit by itself.
  • Option: Automatic router bit change . Time cost saved, automatic detect router bit life and using status. When the cutting blade reaches its limit, the system will replace with a new blade and resume production automatically, it dramatically reduces configuration time, maintenance related personnel cost.