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In case of malfunction of machines well trained and experienced service team is that we have given service. 


Service provided to your company, that you have reported on the definition of failure is evaluated. If there is a phone with the help of the solution of the issue is tried to be helpful. Results can not be obtained or where it is not possible to telephone assistance service is carried out to the company. 

While the possible spare parts inventories to service within the service team will be next. Spare parts are not in stock, depending on the urgency status "Normal" and "Fast" available in two types is performed. 

After receipt of your confirmation regarding the price of spare parts, incidental services will be performed.

Incidental Service

All the services recorded in the "Service Form" and make backward tracking records are kept under the name. Service is carried out taking into account the satisfaction of our customers. 

Servicing incidental time intervals are as follows; 

  • 5 Daysone shift, 5 days two shifts, 5 days three shifts  
  • 6 Days1 shifts, 6days 2 shifts, 6 days three shifts  
  • 7 Daysone shift, 7days two shifts, 7 days  three shifts  

* Note: The one shift is evaluated over 8 hours. 

Incidental servicing intervals must be selected  if extended warranty service on demand only. 

Depending on the way you have chosen to charge with a fixed annual service hours, service support requests are resolved by well trained and experienced service personnel and with minimum  losses to continue the work of the machine is provided. 

*The companies made by maintenance agreement ,in case of incidental services are given priority. 

  1. Machine maintenance and incidental issues made by well trained service staff with safety.
  2. Preventing big damagings of the machines which is caused stopping the production. 
  3. Through the use of original replacement parts to prevent quality loss.
  4. Kept service reportsin company data base  able to track of the history of the machine  
  5. To obtaining the solution by trained service staff  for incidental issues as soon as possible.