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Special  copying tools and programming cables with the machine is the process of taking the backup of PCs and PLCs. 


Before Faults occur ,your machines and line management stations (Easy Olp, Saki editor, repair stations) of hard disk drives and / or process to backup the PLC program. Applied a one-time or repeated after the addition of new machinery and software updates on progress. Back-up does not cover the your production data. Customers should be backed up on a daily basis of their placement programs. Replacement operating system, MMI system and is a replacement for the calibration data Backed-up by us uploaded and  program data will be discarded by the user back to the old system installed backup takes over in case of failure. 


Machine Back-Up Service

  1. Minimizes incidental maintenance service costs by providing be solved as soon as possible software related problemson your machine. 
  2. Shortening the duration of the repairto minimize operating 
  3. Shortening the duration of the repairto increase machine/line productivity.