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Turnkey transportation from point a to b of all equipment is included in your existing production process. 


All of the equipment in your production process is moving in step you will see below. 

  1. Preliminary investigation will be performed moved to the place and to move
  2. Existing electrical equipment, air, including communication dismantling 
  3. In order to prevent to harm dismantling of structures equipments caused by carrying and environmental conditions,packaged by using bubble bags, stretch film, packaging materials, such as using duct tape. 
  4. Supplying of trucks for transport, crane, forklift, transpallet and car of pig and be carried out according to the instructions of handling  

Production Area Transport Service

  1. Insuring the equipment to be moved
  2.      f.. Installing of the machines acoording new line configuration defined by you
  • The transportation of the equipments to the new location
  • Making connections of electricity, air and communication
  • To be leveled  of equipments using the  precision leveling scales
  • Setting the PCB transition on the conveyors and between the machines
  • Arranged all of the equipments  according the line layout and configuration.
  1.     g. After made connection electricity and air,all equipments tested in order to  prepare for production.
  2.     h. Executed test production and to deliver the line.

Production Area Transport Service

  1. Ensuring effective transport as soon as possible with a professional team.
  2. Ensuring the transportation of machinery and equipment without damaging.
  3. Delivery in operation of machines and equipment in a line order.
  4. Provide solutions to potential problems in a short time without waiting for service.
  5. Transport done according to the instructions and professional standards.