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Spring cleaning process is cleaning electronic cards in the machine and PC and ventilation fans.  


Cleaning process being carried out with an ionized air gun. With normal air gun nozzle with air exiting the card maintenance form can also be damaged due to the static electric. 

If ventilation fans of the controller PC and the card is not clean depending on the temperature rising is causing machine downtime and card failure. When combined with dust humidity and temperature for the machine  causes serial problems and damages on the machine. 

Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Service



  1. Minimize the influence of factors such as depending on ambient conditions occurring on your machine from dust, moisture and temperature.
  2. Minimizeelectronic board failures due to moisture and dust. Specialized production machine cards is often not possible to repair the fault minimum price starts from  thousands €. 
  3. Machine can reduce both minor and major losses, and the performance of the machine by moving to higher levels may help improve the efficiency of the production line.
  4. Identified and corrected  faults before they occur, and stop / losses which is  waiting time caused can be minimized.